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Pendapat orang yang telah menggunakan NGV

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Originally posted by twilight

nengwafi = hows the engine response and power after conversion?

As for my rusa (carburator 1.6 engine) so far so good. Masih boleh lari 140km/hr on highways. Kit installed 2 yrs ago.

Fuel (CNG 70 liter tank) consumption- max filling about 18 liters ++ equivalent to about RM 12++. Can go up to 150-180km (town driving) and about 200-250km (highway driving). 

Pick-up : Tipu la kalau I kata sama macam pakai petrol . But I guess it is between petrol and diesel engine driving since I don't really feel much of difference. Tip top performance is every after service and engine tuning (mind you carburator engines need regular engine tuning as against injection engines). 

Overall, untuk orang yang tak bawa laju macam myself ni, OK sangat-sangat la....Of course la injection engine perform better in terms of fuel consuption and pick-up performance. I've tried Proton Perdana NGV- macam tak terasa perbezaannya.... I've also heard that the new Toyota Camry 2.4 installed with latest Landirenzo kit (RM 6000++??) boleh panjat Genting without switching to petrol!
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